Monday, 15 May 2017

5 Things to Consider while Buying T Shirts

When buying a T-shirt one should consider the following

Are you planning to buy a T-shirt for the upcoming events? Well you would be having hundreds and thousands of options to choose from. It’s an ocean of designs, brands, qualities and textures out there. You have to be at your best to select the best among st all.
We would like to assist you with some tips and tricks to buy the best quality and design T-shirt.

Because we would like you to have something that is stylish, functional and affordable. By choosing from massive options of designs at Volume tee you can have the best design as per your occasion and mood.
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When buying a T-shirt one should consider the following:
  • Fabric weight
  • Color & Sizes
  • Quantity discounts
  • Delivery charges
  • Production cost
Fabric weight:
It is weight in ounces per yard of the material. For example, a shirt having 5.4 oz. is considered lighter in terms of threads in per yard as compare to shirt having 6.1 oz. weight. The more the weight of fabric the premium the quality.
Color & sizes:
Color and sizes are important in terms of money. Dark colors will cost more than light colors, like white grey are light colors and will be at low cost as compare to black, royal blue etc. This is because of the fact that dark color dyeing process is expensive than the other. The more the size increases from XL it will increase the cost as well. Normally till XL size the price remains the same.
Quantity discounts:
Bulk buying always offers great discounts. Do remember to negotiate rates when buying in larger quantities.
Delivery charges:
Delivery charges can be hefty if you order to get in a snap, like 1-day delivery. Therefore, plan your order and make purchase well in advance so that you may get through normal 3-4 or 5-7-day delivery time.
Production cost:
To reduce the production cost you must not choose a design with more than four colors. The less the colors the cost reduces drastically.
Base price:
Always watch for the base price and choose the one which is below your budget. As different taxes, handling and delivery charges will be added on top of the base price.
These are few of the planning’s and tricks you should keep in mind before ordering your T-shirts.
At Volume Tee we provide hundreds of design options to choose from different occasion, favorite animals, events, names and much more. Visit us and make yourselves lost in our exceptional design of any possible occasion. 

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