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VolumeTee's Trendy T-Shirt Styles

No matter how young or old a person may be, if there is one thing that is common in everybody’s wardrobe it would be a pair of jeans and the ubiquitous volumetee t shirts. These universally appealing t-shirts are versatile and can be worn on any occasion and in infinite number of ways, one just has to dress them up or down, depending on the event. Although T-shirts per is never outdated what’s in fashion changes regularly. There are shirts that can be hot one day and you see people wearing them left and right but after a few days will no longer be a fad. But there are some styles which are here to stay. Here are some examples of t shirts that are never out of style and should always be in your wardrobe.

1. The polo T-shirt
Polo shirt was actually an innovation made by tennis champion Rene Lacoste which he first wore in the 1926 U.S. Open championship. But it got the name polo shirt when polo players started using it with a polo player embroidered on it. It further became a byword when Ralph Lauren added a polo shirt to his famous Polo line. Then it has been worn by golf players and other athletes, but since then even non-athletes wear it. It has become part of the business casual and is one of the most versatile top men can have. The polo shirt is one of the must-have in your wardrobe. There are different designs in a polo shirt, some comes with stripes, but there are plain polo shirts like this PA-K420 Port Authority - Pique Knit Sport Shirt which is available in an abundance of 28 striking colors. Made with pre-shrunk 100% ring spun combed cotton, one can just wonder in its softness and be amazed that it is shrink-resistant.

Pair it with: Khakis in the summer and your own accessories.
2. The Long Sleeve T-Shirt
A long-sleeve shirt is a type of T-shirt that is just like the original kind except that it has long sleeves while the original has short sleeves. It is often worn with a short sleeved shirt over it for the layering style used more by the youth especially done in fall or winter. This particular long sleeve shirt from Gildan GI-G2400 is made from100% cotton and available in 21 colors so one can have as many colors as they want.
Pair it with: This long-sleeve tee will look great with blue jeans and even with khakis as long as appropriate with the color or shades.
3. The Imprintable Shirts
Graphic tees made a huge splash in the T-shirt market and since then have remained as one of the must-haves for stylish men, no matter what age. With technology came the ability to shop online no matter the distance. It also brought us the opportunity to change the way we shop, unlike store shopping some online store offers us the customized our purchases. In fact, online stress gave us the chance to design and personalized blank shirts and that’s when the imprintable shirts came into the T-shirt market. PC-PC61 Port and Company - Essential T-Shirtis one blank shirt you would love to have. These imprintable or blank shirts available in 46 colors can be personalized thru embroidery and screen printing. With the abundance of colors, coordinating it with any pants is easy.
Pair it with: This is one shirt you can pair with any casual pants like blue jeans and khakis, cargo pants and shorts.
Layering is one of the trends especially with the men. It can be a shirt under an open button-up shirt for a super-casual style. Or a shirt over a long-sleeve shirt of a different color topped with a beanie. Any shirt, blank or printed with graphic art would do, but this DT-DT104 Men Short Sleeve Perfect Weight District Tee is perfect on its own or paired with your favorite hoodie.
Pair it with: For this blank shirt, any casual pants would look great with it but for uber-cool and casual look jeans would be the best pair.
4. The Ringer T-shirt
A ringer shirt was first introduced in the early ‘60s and became more popular over the years. Other styles have overtaken its popularity in the ‘80s but experienced a revival in the early 2000s especially among the youth. Ringer shirts are characterized by a jersey shirt fabric of one color while the ribbing for the sleeve bands and the collar are of a contrasting color. Most often the shirt is in white with the collar and sleeve bands in a different color. In the case of 100% cotton PC-PC61R - Ringer T-Shirt, several colors are available but most are white with a sleeve band and collar ribbing in a different color.
Pair it with: You can wear it with dark jeans and it would be good for a concert or a night out with friends.
5. The Raglan T-shirt
Raglan t-shirts are those shirts with sleeves that extend in one piece to the collar which leaves a diagonal seam from underarm to the neckline.  Most often, the raglan sleeves are half or three quarter-length and in a different color than the rest of the shirt. This shirt is more casual and is also called “baseball shirt”. This particular raglan shirt (ST-T200) is made by Sport Tek by Port Authority and is available in 13 great combinations.
Pair it with: Blue jeans would look good paired with this but so would black jeans as seen on the model.
6. The Henley Shirt
Henley shirts which are collarless became popular in the ‘90s but fell out of fashion and have seen resurgence over the years especially for larger men who are looking for fashionable casual shirts that aren’t so tight and form-fitting. These shirts are notable for buttoned placket which contains anywhere from two to six buttons which makes them easier to put on and remove and opened for more ventilation. The bigger size of most Henley shirts offers ease of movement and more ventilation of body heat especially among larger men. This particular Henley shirt from Sport Tek T210 is one of the softest shirt in the line and available in a wide range of colors.

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